McTimoney Treatment for Dogs

The nature of your dog’s daily life and work can potentially result in injury. Working dogs travelling over difficult terrain or agility dogs jumping and turning at speed are at a higher risk of suffering injury than many pet animals. Even your much-loved pet can trip in a hole out walking or cause himself damage or discomfort whilst playing with other dogs or chasing a stick. The correct alignment of the spine and pelvis is therefore important to enable maximum comfort and performance.

All dogs can benefit from a maintenance check-up at least once every year, after an extended period of hard work and also after an injury or a period of lameness, in order to relieve pain and restore function and movement. Bitches can benefit from treatment after giving birth, as a difficult labour can affect the pelvis. McTimoney treatment can also help with old, arthritic animals or those particularly susceptible to back injuries, such as breeds of dog with very long backs and short legs. Although treatment obviously cannot cure these problems, it can be excellent in terms of relieving discomfort, reducing swelling, increasing mobility, circulation, muscle tone and flexibility in dogs with a limited or reduced activity level.