A detailed history of the animal will be taken to include any past illness/injury/operations, their exercise routine and some information on why he/she is being seen today. It is important for veterinary approval to be sought prior to treatment taking place. As well as being a legal requirement, this will also ensure that any on-going medical issues are understood by the practitioner and any contra-indications are considered. Details of lifestyle and exercise will be discussed as well as any changes in behaviour or performance.

Next, Jo will make a static assessment of the horse/dog to evaluate conformation and foot balance and identify any areas of potential weakness and poor or unequal muscle development. Jo will then ask to see the horse/dog run up in hand at walk and trot to observe the way they move and carry themselves. Horses will also be appraised turning in small circles and backing up. Occasionally it may be necessary to see a horse under saddle or on the lunge.

Ultimately, a careful analysis and assessment will be made of the spine, pelvis and any other relevant joints to locate any misalignments in the bones or spasm/tension in the associated muscles.

Problem areas are treated with precise and rapid adjustments to correct misalignments and reduce muscle spasm. Jo will use her hands alone for analysis and adjustments.

An initial full assessment and treatment tends to take approximately 1.5 hours and subsequent treatments will last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.