McTimoney Treatment for Horses

We ask a lot of our horses. The fact that we put saddles, bridles and other tack on them and, of course, that we sit on their backs, means that before we even start we are placing a huge amount of pressure on their spines. However, the horse's back is extremely strong and is uniquely built to withstand these pressures. Different disciplines place different stresses on the horses musculoskeletal system and certain breeds and types of conformation are also particularly vulnerable to problems.

Musculoskeletal disturbances or injuries affect the whole body and lead to muscle soreness or stiffness, tension, palpable minor misalignments, discomfort and, subsequently, a reduction in performance and possible changes in behaviour.

Where disease and lameness have been ruled out as the cause, there is commonly muscle spasm and tightness leading to restricted movement and lack of performance. A combination of McTimoney manipulation and massage can release this tightness, relieving tension and misalignments within the animal’s spinal column, with the intention of alleviating pain and preventing further injuries, and enabling your horse to move freely again.