Equine & Canine McTimoney Therapy, Myofascial Release and Sports Massage

Jo Morton is a qualified McTimoney Animal Practitioner providing gentle and effective treatment for horses and small animals. McTimoney treatment is a form of chiropractic focusing on the musculoskeletal system of the animal and its associated problems and helps both to restore and maintain health and soundness and optimise performance. Jo treats predominantly horses but also dogs, cats and farm animals, in and around Wiltshire, Hampshire and the surrounding counties.

Daily life can put a considerable amount of stress on an animal's body - whether it is through being ridden, raced, jumped, driven, through conformational anomalies, the use of tack and other equipment, falls, rough play, getting cast in the stable and other injuries. All this makes them particularly vulnerable to minor misalignments in the vertebral column and pelvis which can affect their performance.

An animal’s musculoskeletal system can be aligned and balanced by adjusting any misaligned joints in the body, paying particular attention to the spine and pelvis. This helps to restore and maintain health and improve comfort, soundness and performance. McTimoney treatment is effective because it works to eliminate the cause, not just treat the symptoms.

All horses and dogs can benefit from McTimoney treatment, from top performance horses to happy hackers and from highly trained working/competition dogs to our much-loved family pets.

If you have any concerns about your animal, or would just like a maintenance treatment to ensure that they are in peak condition, please call for friendly advice or to make an appointment on 07976 218 250.